Spreading Paint and Joy

memory project

One of my most meaningful teaching experiences this fall was partaking in the Memory Project with my eighth grade painting students. The Memory Project is a charitable nonprofit organization that encourages independent artists and student artists to create portraits for children around the world facing challenging life circumstances. The portraits Continue reading Spreading Paint and Joy

Developing and Practicing Compassion

students at class meeting

As a classicist, I can’t help but think of the origins of words. An interesting pair of words is compassion and sympathy. Etymologically, they are, in essence, the same word, with compassion coming from the Latin, and sympathy from the Greek. The “-pass-“ and “-path-” are linguistically connected, and can Continue reading Developing and Practicing Compassion

Sing-a-longs, Do-overs and More at the Music Café

piano at Music Cafe

This week brings with it another Music Café to Dana Hall’s School of Music. Originally a unique opportunity for music students to perform in an informal, fun environment, Music Café is now a community-building, pop-up event. Our Dana Hall Rock band will play (yes, we have a Dana Rock Band!), Continue reading Sing-a-longs, Do-overs and More at the Music Café

Software Programming is like Solving a Puzzle

student using iPad

Dana Hall School introduces software programming at various levels for grades 5 through 12. I teach several different languages such as Scratch, Python and Java. Since software programming is comprised of thousands of programming languages and dialects, it is nearly impossible to learn them all. So how does one become adept Continue reading Software Programming is like Solving a Puzzle