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She Sails 2015 panelIn a recent op-ed published in The Baltimore Sun, National Coalition of Girls’ Schools Executive Director Megan Murphy wrote about the continued responsibility that we all share to teach girls how to develop, hone and use their voices.

As girls and women across the globe face new obstacles and challenges, the existence of fearless, visible role models is invaluable. For the next generation of women leaders, girls and young women must “see it to be it.” – Megan Murphy

At Dana Hall School, we take on the “see it to be it” challenge every day, as we make sure our students are surrounded by a powerful collection of role models and mentors. They see them at the front of their classes, in the dorms, on the sidelines; they read about them in literature and history books; they ask them questions when they come to campus as special guests; and they experience their world through global travel, local field trips, Career Day and Senior Projects.

On Saturday, we will double-down on “see it to be it” at She Sails, the School’s biannual forum on women and leadership, which provides a day and a place for all Dana Hall women to learn from each other, share their stories and encourage one another to be bold and dream big. Alumnae from the Class of 1969 up to the Class of 2018 will return to campus to share their time and talents with our current students. Architects, artists, business analysts, chefs, doctors, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, lawyers, social workers, television producers, therapists, writers and many other amazing women whose careers and passions cannot be distilled into one-word descriptions will share their stories with our students during a thoughtfully curated slate of panels and workshops.

This year marks the fifth She Sails, and I am most excited for the moments of inspiration and connection that happen outside of the formal presentations. At each of the previous She Sails events, I have witnessed alumnae from different decades sharing excitement about a common experience. I have watched a current student bravely approach one of our panelists to ask for a specific piece of advice or to exchange email addresses. I have seen old relationships rekindled and new professional networks established.

She Sails is an inspiring day, filled with ambition, aspiration, strength and community. See it to be it? Yeah, we’ve got that covered. I can’t wait!

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About Liza Cohen

Liza Cohen is the Director of Communications at Dana Hall School. She joined the School in 2006.

2 Replies to “See It to Be It”

  1. Liza, your description of She Sails was spot on! It was an amazing day of connection, education, and inspiration!

  2. Liza,
    She Sails is such an extraordinary demonstration of the power of “see it to be it.” It is exciting to be a part of an institution that takes the responsibility of exposing its students to all different kinds of role models so seriously!

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