Thankful for Dana Hall

Basket of Dana Hall foam fingers.At this time of year, many of us are thinking about what we are thankful for. This often includes our family, good health and friendships. After 10 months of working at Dana Hall as the head of the Advancement Office, I’m thankful for all that plus the caring and supportive community in which I work. Having graduated from a women’s college, I was excited to join Dana Hall as I believe strongly in the power of single-sex education and supporting and empowering girls to try everything.

Little did I know that this environment would also be caring and supportive of the adults. It starts at the top—Dana Hall has a Head of School who truly cares about every student and adult on this campus. This manifests itself in her desire to really hear what people think and feel, as well as her belief in holding off on making decisions until she has gathered the pertinent facts. I see it in her thoughtful emails and cards when people have had a difficulty and in her honest questions about how we are doing and how she can help us.

The support continues in the Administrative Team. This group meets weekly to discuss school-wide issues and provide feedback for the various areas we manage. Every Thursday I look forward to a lively, honest discussion flavored with a bit of humor and usually a tasty treat. This fall we have started each meeting by giving examples of ways we’ve seen the Dana Hall community exhibit vigor, perspective, an innovative legacy, and girls and employees being champions for themselves and others—things we believe differentiate Dana from other schools. My position doesn’t have me working directly with students, so I love hearing everyone’s stories about the girls and how they embody the Dana Difference.

And I daily feel the support from my wonderful colleagues in the Advancement Office. Yes, we put on huge events like Family Weekend, She Sails, and Reunions; yes, we raise nearly $2.25 million for the Dana Fund and another $2 million for endowment and special projects; yes, we host alumnae parties and events around the globe. And yes, we post daily on social media, keep the website up-to-date, produce Bulletins, Admissions materials and much more. But what you might not know is how each person does their work with love, good humor, belief in each other, and a great let-me-roll-up-my-sleeves-and-help-you attitude. It’s a wonderful bunch on the top floor of Beveridge Hall.

Dana Hall, I’m thankful to be part of your team!

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About Christie Baskett

Christie Baskett is the Chief Advancement Officer at Dana Hall. She joined the School in 2019.

3 Replies to “Thankful for Dana Hall”

  1. Christie, I am so moved by these eloquent words of gratitude. Thank you for your kind remarks and for your appreciation of our colleagues. We do work in a truly special place, and I am grateful to you for taking the time to step back, reflect, and express your perspective on our community.

  2. Christie,
    We are so thankful to have you and your family be a part of the Dana Hall community! Thank you for these reflections and for your ongoing work to make Dana Hall the very best school it can be.

  3. Dear Christie,
    Thank you for capturing the essence of what I love and appreciate about Dana Hall with your reflection. I’m so glad you’ve joined our community!

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