The Addams Family Lesson

The cast of the Addams Family musicalIt’s almost impossible not to snap during the theme to The Addams Family. It’s contagious, catchy and probably one of the most recognized TV theme songs. Visions of an eccentric crew of characters wearing all black living in a real live haunted house come to mind.

When we decided to do The Addams Family musical at the Middle School, I was extremely excited. The music is enjoyable and includes an array of styles for the girls to learn. It would allow the girls to be challenged and grow both musically and vocally. This of course was important to me as the music director, but honestly it is also an extremely fun score to play. Music is the main focus for me, and I think of the girls singing, as well as how to arrange it for a band, so you can imagine that I didn’t really think about the story.

As a performing arts teacher, I’ve been asked the question, “Why are the arts so important?” I have a long list of reasons that I won’t list here, but one in particular comes to mind: the arts teach us about life. Our stories are all intertwined and we can usually find something in common in all of them.

Reading the script and watching the story unfold before me has been a completely different experience. These young women have brought all the quirky members of the Addams family (and I mean ALL members of the family) to life. Just as with many family gatherings, this particular one does not go as smoothly as planned. As peculiar as this band of characters may be, in the end they do what they must to show their support and love for one another.

These young women have created a community both on and off stage that relies on each other to get through the show. Each young actress depends on someone else to be able to do her job to the best of her ability. No one is on her own, and there are definitely times when someone may need to swoop in and help out in ways she had not originally planned.

The cast of the Addams Family musical on stage

Throughout the past month, these young actresses and musicians have practiced and rehearsed countless hours both on their own and together. One thing that they may not have realized is that they have also been learning about life, getting along and working together both on stage and off. The important lessons of community, inclusivity and working together have been interwoven throughout the show.

So, if you’re feeling up to snapping those fingers and tapping your toes, please come on down to Bardwell and enjoy the lessons that this show has to offer. The cast and crew are talented, dedicated, funny and best of all they learned to work together as one. Hopefully, you’ll walk away snapping, smiling, dancing and singing your way home, thinking of your own delightful clan.

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About Sarah Del Dotto

Sarah Del Dotto is the Middle School Music teacher at Dana Hall School. Sarah is also on faculty at Dana Hall School of Music. She joined in 2015.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Sarah. I thoroughly enjoyed the show (and definitely snapped my fingers during the opening number!).

  2. Sarah, thank you for sharing with us your thoughts on community and inclusion, and how it comes alive in theater.

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