Building a virtual community

A closed athletic fieldWhat an extraordinary chapter of life we are experiencing together, a time where many of us are being challenged in new ways to coach our athletes, teach our students, and care for our loved ones. So many of us are under nearly identical restrictions to daily life, yet we are impacted in such different ways.

At Dana Hall, we have been forced to quickly adapt and overcome these new obstacles as we seek to provide the highest quality education for our students in this crisis situation. Incorporating health and wellness into our daily educational routine has never been so critical. 

As I plan for my week ahead, I can’t help but be distracted by the quiet that has settled in around our campus. The buildings and the fields are closed, and the harmony of the Dana Hall community coming together each day has been replaced by the soft sounds of birds chirping. I miss the sounds of batting practice and whistles blowing, I miss watching our teams practice and compete, but most of all I miss the Dana Hall community and the pride that we all share in being Dana Dragons. 

In the Athletic Department, our coaches are finding creative ways to connect with their teams, realizing nothing can compare to the intensity of team play. Our hearts break for our senior student-athletes who had planned to lead their team to a potential EIL championship or NEPSAC tournament; however, we remain cautiously optimistic that we can return to campus for the final weeks of the season and engage with our teams one last time.

Although we are apart, we have seen how technology and intentional efforts can bring communities together.  The acceptance of a “new normal” has arrived and social creativity is encouraged. I challenge all of you to remain engaged and hopeful. Our time apart is an opportunity to find creative ways to connect that we otherwise may have never tried. Get outside! Take this time to spend with your family, thrive in your academics and remain strong, healthy and well.  

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About Becky Kimball

Becky Kimball, Director of Athletics, Health and Wellness. She joined the school in 2019.

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  1. Becky- Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to share your thoughts. I greatly appreciate all that you are doing to keep our #DragonsTogether!

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