About Katherine Bradley

Katherine Bradley is the Head of School at Dana Hall. She joined the School in 2016.

Developing and Practicing Compassion

students at class meeting

As a classicist, I can’t help but think of the origins of words. An interesting pair of words is compassion and sympathy. Etymologically, they are, in essence, the same word, with compassion coming from the Latin, and sympathy from the Greek. The “-pass-“ and “-path-” are linguistically connected, and can Continue reading Developing and Practicing Compassion

Why learn it when I can find it on my phone?


I am often asked about the relevance of education in an age when access to information is ubiquitous. It’s a fair question: why should I have to learn something when I can find it faster on my phone? The answer lies in what the “something” is. While schools historically have Continue reading Why learn it when I can find it on my phone?