Defining Home through Dance

Dana Hall dancers at the barre

When I arrived at Dana Hall almost 13 years ago, I was fresh off a professional performance career. I’d been teaching dance steadily for about six years, but only in studio settings and never full time. I’d had no previous experience teaching in academic institutions, and I was completely unfamiliar with Continue reading Defining Home through Dance

Growing A Dorm Community = Cookies + Conversation

Girls sitting together in dorm lobby.

What are you doing at 9:30 on a Thursday evening? Eating dinner? Streaming Netflix? Climbing into bed for the night? If you happen to be a boarder living in Grey Lodge dorm at Dana Hall School, you will be wedging yourself into a seat on one of the snug living Continue reading Growing A Dorm Community = Cookies + Conversation

Teaching Outside of the Classroom

Dana Hall community service site

Early in my teaching career, I quickly learned that time spent outside of class with students is a powerful teaching tool. Whether it is silly conversations in the dorm, floating down a river on an 8-person raft, or working together on the basketball court, getting to know students from multiple Continue reading Teaching Outside of the Classroom

Spreading Paint and Joy

memory project

One of my most meaningful teaching experiences this fall was partaking in the Memory Project with my eighth grade painting students. The Memory Project is a charitable nonprofit organization that encourages independent artists and student artists to create portraits for children around the world facing challenging life circumstances. The portraits Continue reading Spreading Paint and Joy

Developing and Practicing Compassion

students at class meeting

As a classicist, I can’t help but think of the origins of words. An interesting pair of words is compassion and sympathy. Etymologically, they are, in essence, the same word, with compassion coming from the Latin, and sympathy from the Greek. The “-pass-“ and “-path-” are linguistically connected, and can Continue reading Developing and Practicing Compassion

“Play Among Things of Beauty:” Joy, the School, and the Community

Middle School four square

I recently had the opportunity to join an Admission tour with a family who is considering Dana Hall School for their daughters. A highlight of the experience for me was a brief exchange between the prospective 5th grader and the poised, confident Upper School ambassador who accompanied us. As the Continue reading “Play Among Things of Beauty:” Joy, the School, and the Community

Long-Distance Learning

English Classroom

Collaboration in education is often praised, but it is almost always fraught with complications. How do we meet? What are our goals? International collaborations are especially challenging. Over the past three years, I have worked with Ann Rooney, who teaches English as an Additional Language at The Wilderness School in Continue reading Long-Distance Learning

The Laramie Project: Live Theater as an Act of Radical Listening

student performers

Arts education, at its best, develops empathy and a sense of shared humanity in young performers and young audiences. This fall, I am doubling down on this claim as we undertake our production of The Laramie Project in the Upper School. There is an old adage in theater that “half Continue reading The Laramie Project: Live Theater as an Act of Radical Listening