A Piece of Art, A Piece of Heart

Middle School art students working on their Art Exchange projects.

This December on Dana Hall’s Day of Community Learning, I was given the great opportunity of facilitating one of the workshops that would support the theme of this year’s program: “Building Bridges and Sharing Spaces.” This theme serendipitously aligned with the overarching goals of the Memory Project, an organization that Continue reading A Piece of Art, A Piece of Heart

What you shelf talkin’ about?

A shelf of books in the Helen Temple Cooke library

“I just don’t have time, Ms. Davidov.” “I would, but I can’t. I’ve got other stuff I need to do.” “I used to love reading. Remember Middle School, guys?” These are comments I hear over and over again as I talk to students. Time for anything personal is sparse. There Continue reading What you shelf talkin’ about?

Academic Vigor from 30 Feet Up

Dana Hall 7th graders at TreeTop Adventures

In September, the Middle School went to a ropes course for its retreat. As a teacher new to Dana Hall, it was an illuminating opportunity to observe students in a different learning environment. I saw girls bonding, taking risks, and supporting one another. The experience was energizing, setting the stage Continue reading Academic Vigor from 30 Feet Up

From “What?!” to “Wow!”

Map of the world.

Teaching languages is about a lot of things. Helping students develop communication skills in the language they are studying is, of course, a top priority. Less obvious objectives include helping students appreciate language structure and words which often connote cultural and historical details. Language teachers also hope that their students Continue reading From “What?!” to “Wow!”

The Value of Peer Education

peer educators

In this era of instant gratification, when answers to all of life’s questions can be found through a click, tweet or a post, it is increasingly difficult to engage with our students on important issues such as health, wellness and safety. In general, having these conversations with teens can be challenging: Continue reading The Value of Peer Education