Developing and Practicing Compassion

students at class meeting

As a classicist, I can’t help but think of the origins of words. An interesting pair of words is compassion and sympathy. Etymologically, they are, in essence, the same word, with compassion coming from the Latin, and sympathy from the Greek. The “-pass-“ and “-path-” are linguistically connected, and can Continue reading Developing and Practicing Compassion

“Play Among Things of Beauty:” Joy, the School, and the Community

Middle School four square

I recently had the opportunity to join an Admission tour with a family who is considering Dana Hall School for their daughters. A highlight of the experience for me was a brief exchange between the prospective 5th grader and the poised, confident Upper School ambassador who accompanied us. As the Continue reading “Play Among Things of Beauty:” Joy, the School, and the Community

‘A Seat at the Table’: Dana Hall Girls Get Political

students at polling place

In the spring of 1776, Abigail Adams penned a letter to her husband John, who was in Philadelphia busily hammering out the final details of the colonies’ Declaration of Independence. Recognizing the importance of this act, Ms. Adams—hoping to ensure that the women not be forgotten wrote, “…I desire you Continue reading ‘A Seat at the Table’: Dana Hall Girls Get Political

Serious work…that is seriously fun

jug band

Education is serious work. Teachers, administrators, and staff are responsible for the health, well-being, and education of young people, all of which have far-reaching consequences for the individuals, our community, and the larger society. At Dana Hall School, I often tell people that we — the adults in the community Continue reading Serious work…that is seriously fun

Past Meets Future

“I’m heading off to law school next week, are you around campus to say hello?” These requests from alumnae are among my favorite. Reconnecting with someone you’ve taught, someone you’ve challenged, or even better, someone you’ve learned something from, is enormously gratifying. And not just in the “Oh, that’s nice” Continue reading Past Meets Future

Dana Swag: the Power of the Blue Bag

blue Dana bag

On my first official day as Dana Hall’s Director of Community, Equity and Inclusion, I was warmly welcomed with smiles, hugs, a box of Lysol wipes and of course, plenty of Dana Hall swag. A couple of days later, with my Dana Hall Blue Tote in tow, I set off Continue reading Dana Swag: the Power of the Blue Bag