Part of the Project is Finding the Project

Anna Lee at a mood board.

“I emailed her, but didn’t hear back.” It’s an early morning in April. The senior in my office doesn’t seem frustrated or undone. I wait. This spring, 78 seniors stepped away from Dana Hall in the weeks prior to their graduation. They were engaged all over the Boston area: Cambridge, Continue reading Part of the Project is Finding the Project

Celebrate… and get back to work!

Students cheering

Last week the National Coalition of Girls Schools published an article summarizing new research conducted at UCLA to support that “Girls’ School Graduates Have a Clear Edge Over Coeducated Peers” (February, 2019). I devoured the article. The findings are empowering and give girls’ schools many reasons to celebrate. According to Continue reading Celebrate… and get back to work!

Past Meets Future

“I’m heading off to law school next week, are you around campus to say hello?” These requests from alumnae are among my favorite. Reconnecting with someone you’ve taught, someone you’ve challenged, or even better, someone you’ve learned something from, is enormously gratifying. And not just in the “Oh, that’s nice” Continue reading Past Meets Future