Building a virtual community

A closed athletic field

What an extraordinary chapter of life we are experiencing together, a time where many of us are being challenged in new ways to coach our athletes, teach our students, and care for our loved ones. So many of us are under nearly identical restrictions to daily life, yet we are Continue reading Building a virtual community

On The Road to Self-Advocacy

Girls hiking

LeDerick Horne, spoken word poet and advocate for students with learning disabilities, shared his personal journey with Dana Hall students in October 2019. Students listened with rapt attention, and his presentation ignited conversation amongst many about self-awareness and affirmation of their learning challenges. During the lunch following his presentation, students Continue reading On The Road to Self-Advocacy

A Piece of Art, A Piece of Heart

Middle School art students working on their Art Exchange projects.

This December on Dana Hall’s Day of Community Learning, I was given the great opportunity of facilitating one of the workshops that would support the theme of this year’s program: “Building Bridges and Sharing Spaces.” This theme serendipitously aligned with the overarching goals of the Memory Project, an organization that Continue reading A Piece of Art, A Piece of Heart

What you shelf talkin’ about?

A shelf of books in the Helen Temple Cooke library

“I just don’t have time, Ms. Davidov.” “I would, but I can’t. I’ve got other stuff I need to do.” “I used to love reading. Remember Middle School, guys?” These are comments I hear over and over again as I talk to students. Time for anything personal is sparse. There Continue reading What you shelf talkin’ about?